Children's Safety Center

Large Banner $210

48″ x 64″ – Banner Double Sided, Installation $45

Large Real Estate Sign $49

24″ x 32″ – Double Sided, Stake Included

Small Banner $150

36″ x 48″ – Banner, Double Sided, Installation $45

Small Real Estate Sign $30

18″ x 24″ – Double sided, Stake Included

Children’s Safety Center Signs

All proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Safety Center.

In 2016 alone, the Children’s Safety Center:

  •  Provided services to 612 children
  • Conducted 544 forensic interviews
  • Provided 133 forensic medical exams
  • Provided on-site therapy for 91 new clients
  • Conducted a total of 784 therapy sessions

On average, it costs more than $1,600 for each child the CSC serves. All of the services at the CSC are provided free of charge.

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